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This is a story of failure and success.  It’s a story of Marpa House, and the City of Boulder coming together to build for our future and the environment.   Half our building is from the 1920s and the other half is from the 1950s. Oddly enough the half that’s from the 1950’s failed a recent energy efficiency test the City required.

Before we get to our success we have to mention the City of Boulder and their ambitious plans.  The city plans to be 100% run on renewables by 2030. Check out their plan.

Some good fortune came out of our building failing the energy efficiency test. The City clued us in on a solar grant program they setup to help rental properties and citizens acquire solar.  Our Head of Finance and Facilities wrote a grant proposal. We applied for the solar grant and won!

The City covered half of the cost for a  4.32 kW SunPower Photovoltaic Electric System with a Smart Controls system that monitors our electricity loads. The County also jumped on board chipped in 10%.  We are so thankful to the City of Boulder and to Boulder County for helping us!

Boulder is unique in many ways.  Home to NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NCAR, National Center for Atmospheric Research where the world’s leading climate science data comes from.  

At a time when doubt lingers about the effects of climate change on our earth it is imperative that we take steps both large and small to care for one another, for this world.

Marpa House is a rich gem of community living, practice and city life. There is nothing quite like it in our mandala.  Marpa House is committed to sustainability. Here are some of the things we have done and are doing to be more environmentally conscious and energy efficient.


  • We have a kitchen manager that does all the grocery shopping for our 30 residence.  That’s 30 less cars driving every week to the grocery stores!
  • Compost and recycle…everyone in Boulder does this and its required by the City now.
  • Year round garden that provides fresh kale and vegetables.
  • We’ve replaced our fifty year old dining room candle chandeliers  that were burning up 1250 watts with LEDS that only use 100 watts total and replaced all of the lights throughout the house with LEDs.
  • Many residents line dry all their laundry year round.



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